YMCA Moves Forward With $30 Million Campaign

It is a major challenge, but if the challenge is met, the results could be transformative.
The Green County Family YMCA and the Colony Brands Foundation are moving forward on a $30 million campaign that both organizations agree will transform the future of the YMCA. As the centerpiece of the Building a Stronger Community Capital Campaign, the YMCA building will be renovated and enlarged to meet the ever-changing needs of YMCA patrons.
<strong>Here's How it Will Work</strong>
The total amount of the challenge gift is $20 million. The gift is being funded by a small number of individuals, including Monroe natives Pat Kubly and Ryan Kubly, and is being channeled through the Colony Brands Foundation.
According to YMCA Director Trent Henning, the total cost of the YMCA Building Renovation is estimated at $25 million. Colony Brands Foundation President John Baumann announced that if the YMCA can raise $10 million toward the building campaign, the Colony Brands Foundation will donate $15 million towards the capital campaign, and an additional $5 million to the Green County Family YMCA Foundation.
Henning said the YMCA has already received firm grants and pledges totaling about $5 million. Therefore, the YMCA needs an additional $5 million in pledges to reach its $10 million goal and trigger the $20 million in donations from the Colony Brands Foundation.
Lynne Wheeler, President of the YMCA Board of Directors, called the $20 million ^a legacy gift.^" ^"Our existing facility is more than 40 years old. It is dated and lacks adequate space for youth