Sugar River Euchre

Three teams remain undefeated, with another three teams winless after two weeks of play. The big news of the week is that the Paoli Trolls (formally the Tyrol Trolls) won their first match since joining the league in January 2020. They beat the Cheese Eaters by 8 points.
Dave and Charlie Steinhauer pushed the Harley Blue Express down the tracks at 112 mph, while Shawn Farrell and John Scheidegger added another 110 mph. With so much steam, the Express streaked past the Cowboys at 42 mph giving the Express their second win of the half.
The battle between the Red Mouse Shufflers and Jones’ Plumbing Pipe Benders (two Pine Bluff teams) was close through the first four rounds. But in the 5th round, Jones’ Plumbing saw their pipes bend right before their eyes when the Shufflers won all four games picking up 33 points. The Shufflers went on to deal their way to a 32-point win. Steve Vogt and Randy Skogen (Shufflers) had this week’s high score for the league with 116 points. Greg Stutz and Chris Booth did their part for the Pipe Benders, pumping 113 gallons out of the well. This week’s low score was plumbed in by Ryan and Tom Arneson at just 77 gallons.
Unfortunately for the Pranksters they forgot to pack their bag of tricks for their trip to New Glarus. With their pitch forks in hand, the Kleeman’s Hay Shakers bailed just enough hay to beat the Pranksters by 11.
Someone forgot to tell the Mounties that the northern border is now open. The Mounties tried to sneak a win back across the border but J&M Bar River Rats dredged 6 points more from the river than the Mounties.
Standings: Kleeman’s 2-0; Shufflers 2-0; Harley Blue Express 2-0; Jones Plumbing 1-1; Pranksters 1-1; J&M Bar 1-1; Trolls 1-1; Cowboys 0-2; Mounties 0-2; Sportsman’s Bar 0-2.
Schedule for October 28: Kleeman’s @ Mounties (7:30 p.m.); J&M Bar @ Pranksters (7:30 p.m.); Cowboys @ Fest Haus (7:00 p.m.); Jones’ Plumbing @ Harley Blue (7:00 p.m.); Shufflers @ Paoli Trolls (7:00 p.m.).