The Gift of Education Begins in Your Student’s Classroom

Marie Perry, Communications Director for the School District of Belleville

From left: Mary Conklin, Stephanie Way, Samantha White, Melissa Holland, Nico Berthelon, Brianna Johnson, Jack Poppitz, Sophie Langkamp, C.J. Koeninger, Ann Muellenbach, Dan Bock. Photo courtesy of Marie Perry

The best gift you can truly give your children is a strong education, and in this department, Belleville aims to please!  John Dewey once said, “Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself.”  In a small rural school district like Belleville, WI, valuing education as the means to set students ahead for a prosperous life echoes Dewey’s timeless sentiments.  In that light, the School District of Belleville has worked hard over the summer to put its best foot forward by welcoming needed staff to educate its students.

District Administrator Nate Perry understands the value of a strong teaching staff, acknowledging the addition of eleven new faces to Belleville’s learning community for the 2023-24 school year.  He and the administrative team welcomes Mary Conklin (5-8 Spanish; 7-12 English Language Learners), Stephanie Way (9-12 High School Counselor), Samantha White (Occupational Therapist), Melissa Holland (High School Special Education Teacher), Nico Berthelon (Technology Education Teacher), Brianna Johnson (2nd Grade Teacher), Jack Poppitz (5th Grade Teacher), Sophie Langkamp (School Social Worker), C.J. Koeninger (Middle School Math Teacher), Ann Muellenbach (7-12 Choir Teacher), and Dan Bock (Special Education Teacher).

“In a competitive Dane County market with fewer applicants in each hiring pool, the district is fortunate to bring in such quality educators.  They range from brand new teachers to those with more than 20 years of experience on the job.  They are a good fit for Belleville!” says Perry.

This group of new educators are excited to begin the 2023-24 school year, bringing their passion for teaching and education to Belleville’s students.  Whether they are seasoned teachers, bringing their experience from other schools, or brand new to the classroom fostering their own passion for education and expertise from their fields of study, Belleville welcomes these individuals to its Wildcat Community.

Dan Bock notes Belleville’s commitment to its students and is ready to begin working in the classroom, “I can sense that the Belleville School District possesses a deep level of commitment to their students and community.  I’m excited to be part of a team that shares my enthusiasm for public education!”  He is thrilled to bring his ten years of teaching experience to the educational team in Belleville.

Brianna Johnson is also inspired to get going at the elementary level after teaching as a long-term sub in Belleville last year, “I’m excited about teaching in Belleville because of my teaching team, the community and the support from fellow staff.  The second grade team is a phenomenal group of educators.  Getting to learn from them is a privilege.  The community has shown to be supportive and willing to help.  The staff at the elementary school have made me feel welcome and comfortable.  I’m thankful to be a Wildcat!”

So, as summer wraps up and the Belleville learning community begins readying its classrooms, its administrative team feels grateful to know it has its bases covered with an enthusiastic team of educators prepared to continue to give the gift of learning to its student body.  With training sessions completed last week, bringing veteran staff and new educators to the district together, the Wildcat team is ready for action as school begins for students on September 5, 2023!