Catching Up With the Green County Dairy Princess

<strong>Cows On Parade</strong>
My name is Ellie Eichelkraut, and I am the 2020-2021 Green County Dairy Princess from America's Little Switzerland. In New Glarus the Cows on Parade is an amazing part of the history and Swiss culture within New Glarus. There are 16 cows placed around New Glarus at parks, clinics, restaurants, banks and many other places. These cows all have a unique name and design. The idea for the cow parade started when two New Glarus shopkeepers saw a cow parade at the airport in Zurich, Switzerland. There are many cows around town, and today I will be telling you about my favorite.
The Udderly Etter cow is placed outside New Glarus Elementary School. It is a tradition in New Glarus to get your first day of elementary school picture taken posing next to the cow. This cow is named after a long time Principal, Superintendent and substitute teacher within the district. The Udderly Etter cow is a black and white Holstein with a beautiful wreath around her neck.
Another common cow in New Glarus is the Recreational Cow. This cow is placed in the Village Park. It was recently repainted to show many fun activities that take place at the Village Park, such as music, swimming and soccer. Next time you head to the park, stop and take a look at the beautiful symbol of fun placed in downtown New Glarus.
The Monroe Clinic in New Glarus has a beautiful cow placed front and center of their building. Her name is Alpaufzug Annie. Alpaufzug is a tradition in Switzerland where farmers bring their herds down from Alpine pastures and the best cow of each herd is awarded with flowers and a trenchlein bell. Annie is a Brown Swiss with flowers and bell, band-aids, bandages and a cast signed by the Monroe Clinic staff.
The Chalet Landhaus is home to two cows, the Bernese Cow and the Alpine Meadow Cow. The Bernese Cow is dressed in traditional swiss attire, also worn by the Jodlerklub in New Glarus. It is placed near the bike trail behind the Landhaus. The other cow that calls the Landhaus home is the Alpine Meadow Cow. This cow is a Brown Swiss with Alpine flowers painted on it. It is placed in the Chalet Landhaus rock garden and is meant to look like a Brown Swiss lying in the grass.
Next time you are on a walk or drive around town, try to find the other 11 cows placed all around town and admire the beautiful art, and amazing history behind them.